Our life satisfaction is directly tied to the quality of our relationships.

ConvoConnection was created to provide education, inspiration, and motivation for improving our social relationships. When we learn how to relate well with one another we begin to enjoy more genuine and comfortable social connections.

In this blog, we discuss topics around overcoming loneliness and social aversion, sharpening our social skills, finding friendship, becoming a better communicator (personal and professional), and enjoying real-life social community.

Following is a sample of posts that covers such topics:

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Meet Christina


It's kind of ironic that an introvert is writing a blog about improving social connections. Like many, the idea of putting myself out there for casual chit-chat with strangers fills me with slight waves of nausea and I’d-rather-not-be-doing-this dread.

But yet here I am advocating for more social engagement. The reason being is that I know getting to the other side of this socially awkward insecurity lies green fields of fascinating people and eventual friendships. And that’s where the fun and comfort take over.

Over the years I have been able to cultivate the ability to read others quickly and to figure out the best way to relate to them. I focus on our commonalities then offer empathy and let my curiosity take over. Always the best strategy is to focus more on them and less on me.

This approach served me well in my sales and marketing career where the rewards were mostly financial. After many years of pitching products, I woke up to the realization that there must be a better use for these talents. Plus, I was really over the corporate nonsense.

In the summer of 2018, I said adiós to the traditional path and embarked on a new journey to help others find their social aptitude and confidence. My aim with ConvoConnection is to provide some useful information and instruction and a whole lot of encouragement and support.

So I invite you to start walking this path with me in search of new friends. Bring along high expectations and a healthy dose of curiosity. This will be interesting.

Personal Bio


My own curiosity has led me down some interesting rabbit holes but also to some fun locales. When not roaming the globe I am staying put in my lovely adopted city of Portland, Oregon. Enjoying a quiet coffee date, visiting local vineyards, or breathing some fresh air on a glorious hike. When the rain comes and I head indoors, my husband (who I met at culinary school) and I are creating something yummy in the kitchen. Then we enjoy it together with our good friends and cute little daughter who keeps us young at heart.